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STR Medical Equipments



STR Biotechnology was established in 2016 to operate in the design, manufacture, sales and marketing of high-tech biomedical products. STR Biotechnology, which includes engineering and medical disciplines, aims to contribute to the national economy by offering high-quality biomedical products that are easy to use, both at home and abroad, at affordable prices.

STR Biotechnology has offered 3 different PRP models to our physicians under the S&M PRP brand. In addition, it has expanded its product range with the CGF preparation kit under the GrowthCell brand and the centrifuge brand LABFUGE. With the PRF Box we have produced, our dentists produced the Platelet Rich Fibrin preparation kit and put it on the market. Our product portfolio has been updated with STEMMA Stem Cell preparation kit.

STR Biotechnology has adopted the principle of continuous improvement and continuous customer satisfaction by blending the knowledge and experience gained in the production and quality assurance processes with the feedbacks received from our physicians and transferring the intellectual and mental outputs of these processes to our products.


10 Year Experience in Manufacturing and R&D

5 Year Sales and Marketing Experience


10 Year Clinical Experience

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As STR Biotechnology, we carefully evaluate the feedback we receive from our customers and physicians and transfer them to our products. With our engineers working within our structure, we have planned the formation of new products meticulously and made it our goal to offer the most suitable and quality products at the most affordable prices in terms of comfort of use.

We know that continuity in customer satisfaction is at the R&D and Design stage, which is the first step of Production. Therefore, STR Biotechnology first allocates its investments to Product Development and qualified Human Resources.

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STR Biotechnology carries out all medical device production under ISO 10,000 class Clean Room (Sterile Room) conditions. In addition, our company manufactures all its products by adhering to ISO 13485, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and 93/42 / EEC standards. All of our products are packaged in the Sterile Room by passing through individual ultrasonic washing units and offered for use by sterilizing with the Gamma Irradiation method.


For an efficient PRP treatment, platelet concentration should have 1,000,000 PLT per microlitre. In this context, STR Biotechnology aims to develop the most appropriate and most beneficial product for our physicians and patients by updating all the international clinical studies and updating the product design. In the light of these publications, our medical team has managed to offer 4 different PRP Kits for use by working in coordination with our engineering team. STR Biotechnology will continue to review scientific publications and keep customer satisfaction at the top by updating products.

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Quality and Certificates

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STR Biotechnology realizes all production and processes in practice in accordance with ISO 13485: 2016 Quality Management System, GMP and 93/42 / EC directives. All products have been tested and validated according to European Union norms, and their related certificates have been obtained and UTS registration has been completed.

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